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4 solutions for summer


Summer is the season we wait all year for. It’s the time for us to have fun, enjoy the weather, eat out but mostly it’s the time to show off our natural beauty. Here are our 4 solutions for the summer.

  1. Why have uneven skin tone during the summer
    Exposure to sun can leave our skin with freckles, brown spots and blotchiness that can lead to uneven pigmentation.
    SOLUTION : A peel will take away uneven skin ton that appears on your face and will leave it looking even and smooth. It will give your skin a whole new fresh summer look, perfect for any party. Other treatments such as light therapy and laser treatments can also be used for pigmentation. Our specialists can suggest the best treatment suited for your skin.
  2. No one wants an embattled bikini line
    There is no escaping it, the area in between your legs will get exposed in a bathing suit.
    SOLUTION : Laser hair removal is the best solution for what could be an embarrassing encounter. It will get rid of red bumps and ingrowns that can be sometimes caused by other hair removal methods. Laser hair removal will leave you bikini ready all summer long!
  3. Summer loves blemishes
    Pimples and breakouts happen year round but extra oil, heat and sweat can bring them to life again.
    SOLUTION : Make sure you keep a good skin care routine at home and that you choose products, such as makeup remover, cleansers and creams that are oil and alcohol free. Our specialist can provide you with a list of products that will be just for your skin.
  1. Summer is not made for dull skin
    A bright complexion is naturally linked with summer – but sometimes self tanners and blush just don’t cut it.
    SOLUTION : A personalized facial that will focus on brightening your skin is ideal for that summer glow we love. However, it is also equally important to beautify your skin from within. Besides glow-getting ingredients like vitamins A and C, leafy greens are high in natural estrogens that can be beneficial as you age and your estrogens are in shorter supply. Broccoli and sweet potato are filled with vitamines. SunscreenCombo” DON’T FORGET … Sunscreen is very important for the health and appearance of your skin. Apply daily to prevent any skin imperfections, especially after a treatment at Dermamode. “
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