Glutathione: The vitamin for good skin!

Have you been struggling to maintain your healthy diet for good skin? Well, we’re here to tell you you’re forgetting about one specific enzyme. Glutathione is the super-nutrient that is exactly what you have been looking for. This powerful antioxidant replenishes the skin’s hydration and is utilized by every cell and tissues of the human body. Here is everything you need to know:

What does it do?

For the past couple of years, social media has been buzzing with the benefits of antioxidants, most notably Vitamin C. These antioxidants are a great ingredient to help protect your skin from sun damage, while evening out your skin tone and bringing back your glow. Glutathione is one of those powerful antioxidants. Just like all other nutrients, our body absorbs it, to redistribute it to our organs (like the skin!), ensuring a healthy and functioning body. This nutrient is ideal for all those who wish to achieve even and hydrated skin, protect their skin and slow down signs of aging.

How can I get enough of it?

You may find some cosmetic products and oral supplements on the market which help with glutathione intake. However the best known method is IV therapy! IV Therapy allows for the highest levels of absorptions — at 100%, approximately double the absorption rate of any oral supplements — , as the delivery method goes directly into the blood stream. This treatment, which has been extremely popular in the United States for many years now, is slowly making its way into the Canadian market, proving to all those who have tried it that it is well worth the investment. New to Montreal, in part thanks to Dermamode adding it to their arsenal of services, you can now also benefit from its IV therapy!

A bonus to any facial.

Glutathione based IV therapy treatments are the best way to optimize your skin treatments and routine. For better results, Dermamode recommends adding the Cosmetic IV therapy, which is high in glutathione as well as other skin-targeted minerals and nutrients, to any clinical skin treatment. This cocktail will help rehydrate and regenerate the skin, softening your fine lines and wrinkles, and evening out your skin tone. Most importantly, it will allow optimal healing, leaving you with better results than ever before. So don’t waste one more treatment without trying a glutathione-rich IV therapy and get the best skin of your life! 

Added bonus add glutathione to your Microneedling treatment and get double the results.