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Dermamode offers one of the most technologically advanced hair removal techniques, the Evolution 7HD electrolysis system.

Evolution 7HD electrolysis system differs from other and older versions of electrolysis such that its treatments have proven to be much less uncomfortable and require shorter treatment times.

The Evolution 7HD system applies an electrical current through a fine-tipped needle into each hair follicle in order to permanently destroy the hair at its source, the root. Unlike other electrolysis systems, the experienced electrologist is able to customize the intensities of the electrical current depending on the resistance of the hair and/or the region where the hair is located. Consequently, our clients are able to achieve the best possible results in the shortest number of treatments.

Here at Dermamode, electrolysis is most often used as an alternative or complimentary to laser hair removal. Since electrolysis works effectively on white, blond and very thin hairs, clients who are not candidates for laser hair removal can rely on Dermamode Laser for this alternative. Electrolysis is also frequently used as a complimentary to laser hair removal for clients who continue to experience growth of those few stubborn hairs.

Packages offered

10 mintes – $20.00

15 minutes – $30.00

30 minutes – $45.00

45 minutes – $65.25

60 minutes – $84.00

150 minutes – $202.50

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