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Holiday Look Must Haves For The Perfect Makeup Do..

This holiday, look fab with our holiday 5 must have products.

Be Ready For The Holiday Season!

Get ready for the holiday season! Christmas parties, family reunions, friendly get‑togethers and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to look your best.

Phyto Oil

For that Dewy look all night long while nourishing and hydrating your skin. This product can be used over your makeup to top off the look.


The perfect makeup look needs coverage. This healing foundation will cover all kinds of imperfections without harming your skin’s health and will leave you looking flawless.

Lash Serum

Naturally long lashes are what you want this holiday and Lash Serum can get that for you. This treatment combined with a great mascara will give you a dramatic look.

Hydrablur Primer

Before all the makeup, make sure to apply a primer. This primer will blur out uneven skin tones and prep your skin for your makeup.

Daily Microfoliant

Ever wonder how to get that perfect makeup application that will last all night? Exfoliating is the way to go! By exfoliating, you are giving your face the perfect, even base for your holiday makeup to sit on while also promoting it’s health. This product can be used every day and is perfect for that last minute exfoliation before you apply your primer.

Holiday Makeup Tip

Exfoliating will give your skin a smooth, even base for any makeup application. Having an even base means less makeup will need to be applied to reach your holiday look.

First, exfoliate. Then, Hydrate and apply primer. Followed by Oxygenetix foundation. Once your makeup and mascara is on, finalize your look by applying Phyto Oil.

Don’t forget, your lash serum should be applied at night before going to bed for 2 – 3 weeks.

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