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How To Achieve The Perfect Beard

4 Tips For Growing And Maintaining The Perfect Beard

No Shave November, also known as Movember, has become the men’s month: originally created as a way to spread awareness for prostate cancer.

You’ve still got time, but you better hurry as things are getting hairy this November! That doesn’t mean you can’t stay sharp. Here are some tips on how to achieve the perfect facial hair!

The skin: your number one priority

It’s okay to admit that you’ve never really taken care of your skin before. And while your hair will become the star of the show, the skin underneath plays an important a role. If you aren’t aware of your skin type and the right products to use, Dermamode will have the right answer for you within a quick visit at the clinic. You may need a facial treatment and guidance on you at home skin care routine. Yes, men should have a skin care routines.

Keep it moisturized

Moisturizing daily with the right product is key. There are millions of products out there, but the barber Kevin Kellett has a favorite: “In my opinion, you can’t go better than coconut oil. It’s natural, it smells good, washes out, adds all the nutrients that you would need.” Anyone can grow a beard, but maintaining a healthy face is not as easy!

Itching struggle

At some point on your journey, your skin may fight back. The dreaded itch is no joke, but it’s no reason to reach for your razor. Just keep shampooing and moisturizing, and your face will eventually adjust to its new look.

Shape it up

Once you’ve overcome a month of maintaining your skin, growing your hair and fighting the itch to shave it all off, you should have a perfect beard to sculpt. While some guys like to keep it sharp, others like to go natural. A lot of men now are going for the full-beard look: a little bit more narrow on the cheeks, more angular towards the chin. It can shape the face a little different.

Of course when you are prepping your skin for a full month of hair or when you are ready to remove the beard, regular check-ins r at Dermamode will help keep your skin in check

Happy Movember!

*** For the month of November, part of the proceeds of sales on our shave line for men will go to the foundations Movember and Procure.

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