Treatments for hyperpigmentation, discoloration, uneven skin tone, blotchy skin, age spots, brown spots and sun spots. 

Purelight G Therapy, also offered uniquely at Dermamode is designed to reduce the production of melanin in the skin’s targeted area. By doing so, Purelight G Therapy significantly diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmented skin. Furthermore, this treatment works efficiently in reducing blotchiness and redness in the skin. Purelight G Therapy treats all skin types and is safe for persons of all ages.

Purelight G Therapy uses an advanced natural light technology which creates a photo bleaching effect on the melanin deposits in the skin. After only a few sessions, the skin is visibly clearer, brighter and evened out. (multiple sessions are always highly suggested for optimal results)

If pigmented and/or blotchy skin is a serious concern for your skin, ask a Dermamode skincare specialist to advise you on a customized skincare package including a combination of Micro-Cure Therapy and Purelight G Therapy. Dermamode encourages its clients to ask for complimentary “before and after” pictures in order to track their skin’s visible progress.

Purelight G Therapy’s Benefits

• Decreases melanin production

• Penetrates through the skin to breakdown melanin deposits

• Reduces redness

• Reduces pigmentation and skin discoloration