Unlock your body’s full energy potential with IV Vitamin Therapy

We could all use a little boost in our lives! The last couple of years have been exhausting for everyone, no matter age or wellness level, and we constantly hear from our patients that they need to do something to help themselves; find something to do to help give them a little added boost to their daily lives. 

Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet does wonders for improving natural energy levels, however, there will always be untapped levels of energy that we simply cannot achieve (from chronic energy-consuming health conditions, to the natural aging process, as well as other factors, there’s a nearly endless combination of factors which could be contributing to preventing us from achieving and maintaining high energy levels)

What is IV Therapy and how can it help give you that boost?

IV Therapy (Intravenous Therapy), also known as an “IV drip” is the delivery of fluids, electrolytes and beneficial additives intravenously; it’s single most effective and efficient delivery route and taps directly into the circulatory system; Vitamins ingested through IV result in a much higher absorption. Dietary supplements (Vitamin pills), which force everything to travel through your digestive tract unlike oral hydration and supply where it may only be partially absorbed; about 30%-40% absorption.

Low energy levels (for whatever reason), for example, can be boosted with B vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids as well as many other powerful Vitamins. As an added bonus, if you’re actually starting to fall a little ill, these same compounds can aid in metabolic support and flushing the body of toxins. 

Doing everything you can to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, but still feel as if there’s something missing?

We hear it all too often: “I exercise often, eat and sleep well, but I still find I’m lacking some energy!” You’re not alone! Sometimes it’s just not enough; long days of work where you didn’t have time to eat enough of the right foods or exercise as much as your body wanted are common. In addition, given the low absorption rates from traditional vitamin intake through the digestive system, unlocking your FULL energy potential is next to impossible to do on your own! 

The power of IV Vitamin Therapy

Before our official introduction to IV Therapy, we, here at Dermamode, were a little skeptical. However, after completing our 6 month training and trial period we are completely blown away! We had nutritionists, personal trainers, physicians, osteopaths and massage therapists as well as all of our staff try different IV Therapy “cocktails”, and after only as little as 2 IV drips (we recommend 4 to start) everyone here noticed a boost in their everyday lives. We were all sleeping better, some felt a little less depressed and anxious, more focused and we all felt we were able to stay “on” for a few more hours every day! 

Now is the time to come and get that extra boost you need!. Contact Dermamode to learn more about how IV therapy could help you in your everyday life.

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