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Things You Should Know Before Taking A Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal has become a huge trend in recent years, due to the advanced technology and low expenses that it now requires.

As you embark upon this important journey, it would be wise to get your facts straight and learn how this miracle technology can dramatically improve your life.

Who Is It Ideal For?

Laser hair removal process may sound too sophisticated and expensive, however, it has never been more affordable! With rising strides in laser technology, scientists and medical practitioners have been able to work hand in hand to improve modern standards and push the boundaries towards providing effective, affordable, and safe technology that consumers can use.

Lasers work best on folks with dark hair and light skin, and although recent advances have expanded their reach to light hair and dark skin, the studies are still unreliable at best.

  • The technologies created are now safe and effective on all skin types.
  • Before you go for your procedure, it’s wise to confirm with your specialists about your skin tone and hair colour to prevent any adverse effects in the near future. Before you start your treatments you will have to meet a technician for a free consultation. The specialist will evaluate and determine your skin type as well as you hair color in order to see what treatment is best suited for you.

How Does It Work?

Lasers work by emitting concentrated pulsed rights aimed at melanin (dark pigmentation) found in our skin. Thus if you do have dark skin, the laser is likely to target melanin in the nearby skin cells causing discolouration, so it’s better to avoid it if you aren’t light skinned.

*We have lasers that treat all skin types. So the above is true for the machine called the Light Sheer Duet, but we also offer the Gmax Pro that is specifically for dark skin. However, a tanned skin is never ideal for either machine.

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Hair tends to fall out within 10-14 days. We’d recommend using a moderate, yet concentrated sugar scrub as it helps further loosen weak hair and retains much needed moisture within the skin that requires exfoliation.

How Does The Procedure Work?

Laser hair removal treatment beams of concentrated pulsed light rays at the follicles of hair, thus clearing out the intended hair within a short period of time.

While previous techniques such as electrolysis on the back or the legs would take days to completely remove hair, laser procedures can do it much faster.

At Dermamode, a full hair removal on both legs can be completed in approximately two hours by a qualified beautician who offers laser treatment. The time for a laser treatment can be an hour to and hour and 30 depending on the machine being used.

These procedures work great for treating hair on the back, shoulders, chest and arms. However, for facial and chin hair, we’d recommend our effective electrolysis treatment as it’s more suited to that part of the body and is effective in smaller areas with more contours.

*Both laser and electrolysis are used for facial hair. The thickness and color of the hairs will determine what treatment will be used. Often the two technologies are used, Laser being first and Electrolysis at the end to get the hairs that the laser did not catch. The laser will not catch hairs that are blond, red or light brown and thin.

For a phenomenal change, 6 laser hair sessions spanning 4 weeks (depending on the area) each are the most optimal for a 70-80% immediate and visible reduction in hair growth.

Are Results Guaranteed?

Yes! Laser technology has quickly achieved great strides along its path to innovation that past errors are significantly decreasing by the day. As a relatively new and evolving technology, lasers can do a lot of good.

We also offer electrolysis and it is effective just in a different way. As mentioned earlier, these are sometimes used after laser treatments.

At Dermamode, we conduct a detailed analysis of your skin and its compatibility for the delicate procedure thus informing you beforehand of its effectiveness. This is especially done by a technician during your free consultation. With qualified personnel and modernistic machines infrastructure, our success rate of laser hair removal treatments remains at an all time high.

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