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Tips On How To Use Makeup Without Affecting Your Skin

Get Your Halloween Face On!

Are you the kind of girl that always forgets to remove her makeup at night? Halloween is coming soon and you are probably thinking of doing a scary makeup for the event. What you don’t know is that your makeup is made with a lot of artificial ingredients that can be really bad for your skin if not used properly. Before getting ready for Halloween you may want to know how your makeup is affecting your skin. Oh and guys you are in the same boat this Halloween, you may think that your face paint is super cool but you should also pay attention to how it will affect your skin if not removed well.

What Reactions Makeup Can Do To Your Skin?

Usually, when you are using makeup, your goal is to improve your skin’s appearance. Unfortunately, sometimes you end up with worst skin condition because of your choice in makeup brand but mostly because it is not cleaned off your face well enough at the end of the day.

The main concern is acne, certain oils and preservatives in makeup can cause or worsen acne. This type of acne is called acne cosmetica which is very common and characterized by blocked pores and redness around on the neck, cheeks, chin and forehead. Thick liquid foundation or cream products more often clog your pores whereas lighter products like powders are less often responsible for causing this condition.

Some people can also experience allergic reactions to common cosmetic ingredients. Itching, burning, swelling and even blisters are all allergic reactions that you can have every time you use makeup. If it is the case, you will have to change products until you find one that is better for your skin. These types of reactions are most commonly caused by preservatives and fragrances in makeup.

To avoid these reactions, make sure to clean your face twice daily, especially before going to bed.You also want to look for makeup products that are oil and fragrance-free.
At Dermamode, we use the Oxygenetix breathable foundation. Remember that with a good skin care routine and quality makeup products, youcan help prevent any negative reactions.

Why Is It Important To Clean My Face At Night?

Your skin is doing a lot while you sleep. This really important part of the day is known for all the benefits that occurs to your body while you sleep, but what about your skin ?

When you sleep, your body naturally enhances its ability to fight natural and environmental damage caused during the day. Sleep also increases the sleep hormone (melatonin) which acts like an antioxidant and antioxidants fight age spots, fine lines and even skin cancer in some cases. When you sleep, you also reduce your stress hormone or cortisol which is responsible for stretch marks, discoloration and thinning skin. In order for all these great things to happen while you’re sleeping it’s important to keep your skin extremely clean before bedtime. Hey, why not maximize these effects and wake up with great skin.

What To Do After A Night Of Makeup, Parties And Candy ?

During Halloween, you will probably be wearing a lot of makeup, having a short night of sleep and eating a much candy. These types of nights happen once in awhile and it is nice to fully enjoy them!

You just need to remember these simple tips to help replenish your skin after these fun filled nights.

1. Take the time to clean your skin before going to bed.
It can be hard because you are tired or exhausted, but this little step will make a big difference in the end. It will prevent breakouts and oily skin for the following days or even weeks.

2. Drink a lot of water.
This will help your system to drain the bad food that you have been eating all night. It will help prevent dull looking skin the next morning!

3. Act fast! Schedule a skin treatment at Dermamode for the following day.
A facial deeply cleans and rids your skin of any impurities or dead skin cells. During a skin treatment, you will be trying Dermalogica products. The technician will begin the treatment with a double cleanse followed by a deep exfoliation. The extraction of blackheads is the next step and it is also optional. She will then perform a relaxing massage followed by applying serum, mask and moisturizer are the last steps of this treatment and the products used can all be purchased. You will be leaving the clinic with a fresher look and your skin will be breathing again. We also suggest combining a Microdermabrasion as well as a purifying Pure Light B treatment that will really leave you with a deep clean.

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