Free shipping and personalized skin care routine
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what we are doing…

We are offering FREE shipping 
Starting a new skin care routine or running low on product? In order to make things a little easier on you, we are offering free shipping!

Phone & Email Consultations
We are offering free telephone & email consultations and skin analysis’. We can consult for all of our services/treatment and products.  

Personalized Skin Analysis 
An at home skin care routine is very important. Based on a short questionnaire,  we will come up with a personalized skin care routine and send you all the information by email. 

support local businesses!

Are you a Dermamode fan!? Do you love our services and staff members? You can support us!!

If you leave a deposit for a package we will give you an additional 5% off the total and if you pay for a package in full we will give you an additional 15% off the total!This applies to promotions as well!

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQs

Why did you decide to close your establishment?

Dermamode has been a family run and operated company for over 15 years. Therefore the safety of our staff ie, our family, clients and our community is very important to us. The decision to close the clinic until the COVID-19 pandemic is under control was not an easy one, but one that was made with zero hesitation from ownership.

When do you expect to re-open?

We plan to open as soon as the National, Provincial and Municipal Governments all are in agreement that business can resume. For anyone who is concerned we will not re-open, please know that our management has actually been preparing for this for a lot longer than most (6-7 weeks already) and we have and will continue to make very careful and calculated financial decisions to make sure we will be fine; we haven’t been around for 15 years for nothing 🙂

When will I get another appointment?

For the moment we have no way of being able to predict when we will be able to start rebooking due to the uncertainty of what is transpiring. However, the moment we have concrete information of when we will be able to open, everyone will be contacted to rebook their appointment. If you had an appointment that we had to cancel, we would suggest leaving it as opposed to changing it; this will ensure you keep your name in the order of priority. 

Can I make an appointment?

For the time being our reception hours will remain limited. You can leave a message on our phone system (514 223 0787) or by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. However, we would suggest waiting till we open to make an appointment. 

How will I receive updates?

Our website will be updated continuously, as well as our social media. We will also be sending out email communications to our mailing list so if you are not signed up please do so below or send an updated email request to

How will you accommodate all the missed/cancelled appointments once you re-open?

We are looking at different options such as extended hours, increasing staff and equipment to be able to handle more appointments. Once we have a definitive plan of action we will update you all.

Will my pre-paid packages be affected?

No, we will honor all pre-paid packages and we will extend expiration dates. 

What method of hair removal should I use in between laser treatments?

If you are in between laser appointments stick to shaving only and not waxing or bleaching. If you are doing electrolysis try to let the hair grow but if you can’t, you can choose to do any method as long as you make sure all the hair is grown back for your upcoming laser appointment. 

To the Dermamode community, 

As of March 15th 8:00 AM, after much consideration and internal debate we have decided to close Dermamode for  at least the next two weeks. 

Rest assured that no staff at the clinic are ill, and no clients of ours have been reported to be positive for this Virus; we came to this decision to be socially responsible.

Our technicians have worked very hard since all of this started and we would like to take the time to thank them here for their dedication and compassion and care they’ve been able to show to all our clientele.

As mentioned in previous communications, all services pre-purchased will be honored, and expiry dates will be pushed forward.

Our administrative team will continue to work and you will still be able to communicate with us by phone or email throughout this week. We will be very busy with communications so please be patient with us if you’re waiting for a reply. 

We will be working very hard in the upcoming weeks to see how we will be able to reschedule all appointments and we promise that we will find a solution and will be able to accommodate everyone. 

Stay safe and we will see you all very soon! 

Our very best regards,
The whole Dermamode team.

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