Young Adults


As a young adult, our bodies are going through a lot of changes some of which are not desirable. Here are a few solutions for unwanted changes to your growing body: 

1) Acne

Acne can be caused by a lot of conditions. Young adult acne is mainly caused by hormone fluctuation that you are going through at this moment of your life. The good news is that your acne can get better. And remember, if you are a young adult touched by this situation, 85% of teenagers suffer from this skin problem, so you are not alone.

Here are some details about acne that you may or may not know. You can also find acne on different parts of your body and not only on your face. Acne can be seen on the neck, chest, back and even on arms.

What causes acne ?

The pores in your skin contain two kinds of glands and one of them is a oil gland. Some factors make your gland over activate and produce too much oil, or sebum. When there is an excess of sebum, the hair follicles get blocked. These blocked pores then become infected and inflamed : a pimple. 

Excess oil production, stress, excess skin cells, bacteria and genetics are all factors that contribute to acne. Acne can be seen in many ways including : whitehead, blackhead, painful pimples, and, sometimes hard lumps.

Do’s and don’t

+ To prevent acne, start washing your face and neck with a high quality cleanser (make to find one without alchohol and perfume). You should aim to wash your face twice daily, most importantly before bed to give your skin the change to breath and rejenerate itself.

Best choice products at Dermamode : Clearing Skin Wash from Dermalogica OR Biophora Cleanser

+ Exfoliating every week is a good plus for acne, but make sure you don’t use a scrub that will irritate your skin even more because this could make the acne worst! You want to choose an exfoliating product with enzymes and/or acids (salicylic acid is the best for acne).

Best choice product at Dermamode : Gentle Cream Exfoliant from Dermalogica

+ Lastly, you want to be using a moisturizer! Yes, oily/acne skins need to use moisturizer, morning and night. There is a big difference between a moisturizer that will nourish (oils) your skin and one that will hydrate (water) your skin. You will feel and see the difference on your skin when you will start using hydrating creams.

Best choice products at Dermamode : Oil Free Matte (daytime) and Oil Control Lotion from Dermalogica and Antibac Veil from Biophora

– Don’t play with your pimples and don’t touch your face. You are just going to make it worst. If you also try to break every single pimple you could break the membrane that contains the bacteria inside of your skin and you could spread it everywhere. Keep you skin clean by not touching it and they will start to diminish. TIP: keep your cell phones and pillow cases clean.  

– Don’t wash to much! Sometimes, we think that our skin is not clean because of the acne, it is not the case. Your skin is as clean as it can be if you clean it for a maximum of two times daily. If you do it more often you will remove everything on your skin that is there to protect you from all kinds of bacterias. So, cleanse your face just enough but not too much!

Solutions to control your acne

At Dermamode, we offer many services that will help control your acne and we can also customize a skin care regiment best suited for your skin.

Take note that these treatments can be done anywhere on your body as well.

For active acne it would be best to go with salicylic peels. Salicylic acids peels are awesome to control and treat acne in about 6 treatments you will see unbelievable results.

If you don’t really have active acne anymore and you are more dealing with acne scares and maybe a few breakouts we have better alternatives for you: Glycolic peels or microdermabrasion would both be great options and you will see those results you love within 6-8 treatments.

Too choose what is best for you, you want to schedule a free consultation at the clinic so a technician can see your condition and suggest the best choice for your skin. During the consultation, the technician will give you all the information needed while making sure that you are a good candidate for a specific treatment.

2) Unwanted hair

Growing hair on parts of your body that are otherwise believed to be hair free is just part of life. Especially as a young adult! Some will get more then others but there is a solution. For you, it may be a big concern and may even be the reason for some discomfort.

Hair grows from a cavity called a follicle located in the derma and hormones are most likely to cause a boost in the hair growth. This means that, as young adults, you may notice new hair growth in unwanted areas like the upper lip for women or the back for men.

Solutions to get rid of your hair

There are a lot of hair removal options. You probably already know about most of them, but to give you a better sense of what is available, let’s explain all of them.

Temporary hair removal :

1. Shaving/cutting
+ Quick
+ No pain
– Fast regrowth
– Can develop ingrown hairs
– Can stimulate hair growth

2. Waxing
+ Slow regrowth (about 2 weeks)
– Cost more in the long run
– Painful
– Time consuming
– Can develop ingrown hair

  1. Threading/tweexing
    + Precise
    + Slow regrowth (about 2 weeks)
    – Painful
    – Time consuming, if you have a lot of hair
    – Can develop ingrown hairs
    Permanent hair removal :
    1. Laser
    + Hair reduction forever (after 6 to 8 treatments)
    + Reduction of ingrown hairs
    + Cost less in the long run
    – Can not treat blond, red or white hair
    – Manageable Pain
    For more details about laser hair removal

    2. Electrolysis
    + Removal hair forever*
    + Can treat all hair colours
    + Reduction of ingrown hair
    – Long treatments*
    – Manageable Pain

    For more details about electrolysis

    * After about a year of treatments on a weekly basis. The treatments can be long or very short depending of how much hair you have on the treated area.

    Why do I have ingrown hair ?

    Ingrown hairs are hairs that have curled up inside your skin and are not able to penetrate through the skin’s surface. Some people are more prone to ingrowns simply due to their hair and skin type but there are a few reasons that can explain them :

    1. Dead skin cells clog up the hair follicle – what you can do? Exfoliate your body twice a week with a exfoliating glove. 
    2. Your hair is naturally curly – Curly hair is more likely to bend back and re-enter the skin, especially after it’s been shaved. Your solution would be a permanent hair removal like laser of electrolysis.
    3. Your hair are really fine – there are not strong enough to pierce the skin and go out.

    3) Cellulite

    Cellulite usually occurs after puberty, meaning as of the age of 16 you can start to see cellulite. You may know this as the orange peel syndrome. Cellulite is nothing dangerous for your health and is caused by local fat deposit. It can be seen by an uneven texture and a lumpy apparence most of the times on thighs and bum, but you can also have cellulite on your abdomen and arms as well.
    Why does this happen? Genetics, bad diet, lack of exercise and hormones can all be factors for getting cellulite. 

    Tips to reduce cellulite

    1. Eat well! – Lots of water and good food should help you drain out the bad fat.
    2. Practice more sports – By staying in shape, you will for sure help reduce the apparence of cellulite.
    If you keep a healthy lifestyle but still get cellulite then it is probably caused by  genetics or an increase in hormones. This is why the VelaShape III exists! At Dermamode, we use the VelaShape III to help people out with their cellulite. The treatments are every 2 weeks for 6 to 8 times. The machine performs a deep massage combined with heat to help reduce cellulite and maximize the results.

    4) Stretch Marks

    At this stage of life, we are growing and developing our bodies, like the hips and the breast for women. Stretch marks are created when body parts expand, the skin then stretches to its maximum leaving stretch marks. Stretch marks appear because the skin does not have enough time to rejuvenate in a healthy manner.

    New stretch marks will be red, pink or purple. With time, they will turn white, but they are still going to be visible.

    You can schedule a free consultation at Dermamode so one of our technicians can evaluate the condition. Your solution would probably be to do a few treatments of microdermabrasion.

    To help prevent these unwanted lines, make sure to moisturize your body everyday.