Skin and IV therapy: a great compliment to skin care routines and treatments.

At Dermamode we are passionate about skin care and thrive to get our patients the results they are looking for. This is why we are now hooked on IV therapy.

What can IV therapy do for your skin?

Have you ever noticed how vibrant and glowing your skin looks when you drink more water or eat more balanced meals? Well, this is all about the consumption of vitamins and minerals. In order to achieve healthy skin, we need to feed it specific nutrients topically but what if we can fuel our bodies with these same nutrients from the inside out. This is all possible with IV therapy. This treatment is a great compliment to a healthy skin care routine that includes skin care specific products as well as in-clinic treatments.

“The benefit of IV nutrient therapy is the direct delivery of nutrients into the body,” says Dr. Russak. “It bypasses the digestive system, which could decrease absorption of nutrients due to an inflamed or leaky gut.”

Therefore, while eating nutrient-rich foods is obviously paramount to overall health, intravenous delivery is the fastest and most effective way to deliver vitamins straight to where the body needs them. Similar logic can be extended to skincare. When comparing IV therapy to topical skincare, the difference lies in how the body processes the ingredients.[1]

Vitamins C, vitamin B, and glutathione are the most commonly used vitamins to benefit the skin’s health and appearance.

Let's talk Glutathione

Glutathione is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in the human body, working to inhibit melanin production. What is melanin? It’s a substance responsible for skin pigmentation, produced by melanocytes. We all have an equal number of melanocytes in our bodies, but some of us tend to produce more of it than others, contributing to the appearance of your skin. Therefore, reducing the amount of pigmentation your system creates can have a dramatic impact on the tone of your skin.[2] This can help reduce pigmentation irregularities, reduce the appearance of sunspots and liver spots as well as help with uneven skin tone.

Benefits of getting an IV at the same time as a skin care treatment:

Lack of hydration in the deeper layers of the skin is one of the biggest contributors to early signs of aging. When it comes to in clinic treatments, we are creating a controlled wound healing response in order to stimulate more collagen and elastin production. We know that in order for our skin to heal faster and better from these treatments, it needs to be hydrated.


Benefits of combining skin care with IV therapy:

–    Getting an IV drip at the same time as a facial is believed to increase the treatment results.

–    Help rebalance the skin’s pH levels due to its hydration abilities as well as its capability to help detox the skin, thus treating dehydration and acne.

–    Skin care treatments can leave the skin dry. Adding hydration can help the skin replenish itself and, as a result, reduce the downtime of a treatment for some.

–    It can help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.

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