• $51.00

    This two part medical spa treatment includes the enzyme exfoliating mask which is a powerful, acid free deep but gentle exfoliating mask containing pineapple and fruit enzymes. It also includes the multivitamin freeze mask which is a refreshing and soothing clay based mask with a neutral pH that contains collagen, elastin and vitamins A, E, C, D3, K and B complex. Together this makes for a great at home treatment for all skin types.

    It will exfoliate, hydrate, nourish and plump the skin while diminishing large pores, broken capillaries and rosacea. The enzyme mask removes dead skin cells and allows the multivitamin freeze mask to penetrate the skin for intensive nourishment and renewal.

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  • $61.00

    A refreshing, cooling and nourishing clay-based mask with a neutral pH containing Collagen, Elastin and Vitamins A, E, C, D3, K and B complex, which hydrate, nourish and lift the skin especially after exfoliation. Regular use helps to refine pores and diminish the appearance of broken capillaries and rosacea. With only one use this mask will renew tired looking skin.

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  • $18.00

    One silk sheet mask containing ultra-moisturizing hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl peptides.

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  • $69.00

    A luxurious mask that helps rehydrate the skin while helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Ideal for all skin types.

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  • $68.00

    Ultra Purifying Clay Mask is carefully crafted from red and white Kaolin clay, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Salicylic Acid to draw out impurities, firm the skin and absorb excess sebum. This purifying mask helps reveal flawless-looking skin without excess shine.

    Ideal for all skin types.

    • Gives an immediate firming effect to the skin
    • Unclogs and minimizes the appearance of pores
    • Instantly softens the skin
    • Reveals a fresher, healthier, younger looking appearance

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