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Revitalize the appearance of dry, tired, and dull skin with one of our skincare treatments, giving you the confident, healthy look you deserve.
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Age is just a number

Look good for your age, with the help of professional skin care treatments and the right medical-grade products tailored to your skin's needs. Get your personalized treatment plan today!
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Rosacea Treatment

Effectively Treat Rosacea

The Vbeam pulsed-dye laser remains the gold standard for treating redness, telangiectasia, flushing, acne, veins, rosacea and other vascular concerns.
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Keep it natural!

Noticing frown lines or a loss of natural volume in your face? Meet Dr. Yalon Dolev, a highly skilled plastic surgeon who offers personalized consultations to determine the best treatment for you.
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Nothing is forever

Do you no longer identify with your tattoo or you'd like to cover it up with another one? Removing your tattoo is possible with the Picoway laser technology. Less treatments and better clearance.
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Make it permanent!

Laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair for good. Get that permanent reduction of up to 80% with the most advanced technology that is safe and effective for ALL skin types.
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Advanced Laser Technology
It is through our state-of-the-art technology and our constant training that we achieve the best results for our patients!
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Patient Satisfaction
Our qualified, professional medical team strives to give you the best care and service we can and will guide you every step of the way.
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17 Years of Experience
Having over 17 years of experience in this industry, our team have been able to build their knowledge to help create tailor-made plans for a variety of skin care concerns.
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Personalized Service
 This is about you and your skin care journey. Our aesthetics team, professionals and physician will always make your visits warm and inviting.

Dermamode is Montreal’s preferred medical aesthetic clinic, experiencing warmth and professionalism at every visit.

Having been open now for over 17 years, we truly understand what our clients’ needs and preferences are. That’s why we offer an inviting and warm environment for all your skin care needs. Our staff are well trained, professional and perform our services in a confidential and non-invasive manner. We use state of the art equipment and high quality products for all of our services.

Featured Treatments

Whether you are looking to treat a specific skin concern or simply want to reverse and prevent signs of aging we’ll find the treatment plan best suited for your needs. There is no quick fix for healthy skin but we will be there to guide you on your healthy skin journey for a more confident YOU!

Meet our doctor!
Yalon A. Dolev, MD

“I believe that it is my job to enhance my patients’ natural beauty rather than alter their appearance completely. I focus on faces all day, every day and meticulously work on enhancing my patient’s features naturally. I want my patients to look and feel like the best version of themselves. This singular focus is what sets me apart from other surgeons.”
– Dr Yalon Dolev, MD 


A Few Results

We are devoted to getting our patients the most optimal results using a variety a modalities at our disposal preformed by our qualified specialists.


Our products

Treatments are important for the health of your skin but when combined with the right skin care products it can make all the difference.

  • Out of Stock

    This silky, soft primer provides light, yet uniform coverage. Can be used alone for light, skin perfecting coverage, or as an elegant canvas prior to makeup application.


    • Mineral-based ingredients help deliver sheer, bronzing and breathable canvas that blends across most skin tones.
    • Helps absorb sebum throughout the day.
    • Tested in sensitive skin and for post-procedual use.
    • Blue light, Infrared Radiation skin protection (spf 50+)
    • Anti-Pollution
  • $99.00

    This beautiful, breathable foundation is an innovative formula that improves your skins wellness while you’re wearing it. Powerful against acne, but wonderfully gentle to your skin.

  • $119.00

    Soothing and recovering balm that rebalances and restores comfort levels in skin after external aggressions (sunlight, waxing, shaving, friction…) or other medical/aesthetic treatments (peelings, laser…) that can cause sensitive skin, discomfort and/or redness. Reduces skin sensitivity and strengthens the skin’s defences. Re-balances the skin barrier, providing comfort, elasticity and smooth skin.

  • $51.00

    Ready, set, go! A few mists of our organic Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30 keeps your 9am face going until you call it a night. The weightless, matte-finish spritz helps makeup stay put and delivers a quick hit of hydration and sun protection anytime you need it. BENEFITS: 70%+ Certified…


Treat them to healthy skin. 

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