Safe for Pregnancy Skin Care

Aesthetic treatments during pregnancy are usually not recommended. But skin care is also important during a pregnancy! Which is why one of our very own, Audrey, created facials and an at home skin care regiment that are safe during pregnancy. These treatments are relaxing and include a deep cleansing, a light exfoliation with a hydrating finish to keep the skin bright, fresh and glowing. We use high quality products that include effective ingredients to help enhance the appearance of the skin while preventing breakouts, hyperpigmentation, redness and dehydration. Combining facial care treatments with a daily skin care regiment will get you the best results and will help prevent the effect pregnancy may have on your skin.


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Pregnancy Safe
All products are safe to use during pregnancy
Hydrating Properties
Improve circulation and reduce water retention.
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Cellulite Reduction
Up to 80% cellulite reduction and improve skin texture.
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Skin Tightening
Body contouring, love handle reduction and stomach tightening.

” The constancy in my skin care routine helped me keep my skin on track during my pregnancies. A light exfoliant,  some vitamin C and hydration is all you need to help maintain your skin’s health and reduce the effects that the changes your body is going through will have on your skin.”

Facial Options

Bum Lift & Tight

Improve the skin’s texture and plump the area for a lifting effect.

  • 6 treatment once a week
  • 230 per treatment
  • 30 minute treatments

Facial and Light Therapy

Get a tighter stomach, tone the skin’s elasticity and improve skin texture.

  • Every 4 weeks
  • 160 per treatment
  • 60 minute treatments

Up to 80% cellulite reduction and tighter looking skin

What causes cellulite?

There is no definite explanation for why cellulite occurs. While it may be the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, there are other causes, including genetics, age or hormonal changes. One fact remains true, though: an estimated 85% to 98% of women over the age of 16 have cellulite, regardless of their size, shape or weight.


How it works?

VelaShape is a powerful combination of infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and result in smoother skin.

VelashapeTM is the only FDA cleared, non-surgical treatment that contours, shapes and slims the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference. Reshape your overall figure including areas such as thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen.

Experience the only complete non-surgical alternative to liposuction!


Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Products

  • $51.00

    This cleanser has a pH corrective formulation of 1% Glycolic Acid, Green Tea Extract and Vitamins C and E. It provides and exfoliation of dead skin cells with healing and antioxidant properties without drying the skin.

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  • $100.00

    An enhanced exfoliating lotion that helps improve the texture, tone, and smoothness of your skin by exfoliating dead surface skin cells. This is a very light leave on exfoliant that makes your daily routine easy a quick.

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  • $63.00

    A refreshing, cooling and nourishing clay-based mask with a neutral pH containing Collagen, Elastin and Vitamins A, E, C, D3, K and B complex, which hydrate, nourish and lift the skin especially after exfoliation. Regular use helps to refine pores and diminish the appearance of broken capillaries and rosacea. With only one use this mask will renew tired looking skin.

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  • $111.00

    Oxygenating Foundation breathes, protects and heals as you wear it. And by using a unique aloe vera base, this foundation is both antibacterial and soothing.

    Enjoy seeing the natural beauty of your skin shine through. Goes on sheer but once set, you can build as much as you wish to cover blemishes and give the finish that you desire. And it lasts longer and feels lighter than other foundations so you can wear it all day.

  • $116.00


    An advanced oil-free Vitamin C serum specifically formulated to reduce signs of environmental damage such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture and tone.

    Ideal for sensitive skin.

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