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Share Dermamode with your friends and family and unlock the possibility of receiving some of our most sought after treatments for free.

Get a free treatment

Plus give your friends 10% off their first treatment just by referring them to Dermamode. Refer a friend and earn points. 

*By accepting this offer you agree to the Terms and Conditions. This offer only applies to facial care treatments and can not be combined with any other promotions. 


Start earning rewards in 4 simple steps


Tell your friends about Dermamode! Make sure they know to give your or Register them above to start benefiting on treatments at


To give your friend a discount, share your personalized link or tell your friends to mention your name when they come to the clinic. Your referral must have done their first treatment for it to count. One point per person.


And that's how you earn referral points.! So sit back, relax and wait for your friends to start taking care of their skin while you earn points for yours. 


Once you’ve accumulated enough referral points you will be able to enjoy discounts on treatments or even free treatments. Keep in mind the referral is only registered after the person came for their treatment.


Earn FREE treatments when referring your friends and family to Dermamode! As you gain referral names, you will unlock the possibility of receiving some of our most sought after treatments. Ask your friends to simply give your name and you will earn points.

* A referral is counted as soon as their first treatment purchase has been made. You will gain one referrer point per person. 

4 referral points (4 people) for a lactic-glycolic peel or a microdermabrasion facial (value of up to 160$).
8 referral points for a Microneedling or Oxygeneo facial (value of up to 300$).
10 referral points for a Fractional laser or Vbeam facial (value of up to 650$).

Once you have exchanged your referral points for a treatment, the points will be deducted. If you have 5 points and exchange them for a Microdermabrasion, you will be back to 0 points.

The gift cannot be exchanged for another treatment.

For any referral for an appointment with Dr. Dolev, you may also gain points. 

The gifts we offer for Dr Dolev Referral:
4 Doctor Referrals =  30 Units of free Botox
8 Doctor Referrals = 1 Syringe of Filler

** Client must be a patient of Dr. Dolev and not only Dermamode. 

Absoutely ! This program will be retroactive and will count all invitations made from January 1, 2021.

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