What can Thermocoagulation do for you

Telangiectasia occurs when minute blood capillary vessels are permanently dialated, producing tiny little red lines visible at the surface of the skin. It is a condition that develops with age, usually appearing in the mid-40s, sometimes earlier on those with fair skin. Extreme cold weather and excessive exposure to the sun are the most recognized causes.

Thermocoagulation utilizes the High Frequency Current to discharge pin point heat energy to treat skin imperfections and collapse the spider veins upon contact. The energy created by the high frequency current produces a thermal lesion and the immediate disappearance of the imperfection or vein while preserving the epidermis. All that may remain is a tiny circular red mark that disappears within hours post treatment followed by a micro-crust which usually disappears in a matter of days. The treatment is extremely safe.

Thermocoagulation treats: visible facial broken capillaries (telangiectasia), ruby points, stellar angioma, skin Tags, Milia, Cholestorol Deposit, Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra.

Vasculyse2G, a thermocoagulation system that can be used on all skin types, to deliver immediate visible results:


The Benefits

Small capillary vessels are responsible for cell nutrition. Their impairment can affect the appearance and function of the skin. During Vasculyse2G treatments, the damaged vessels are coagulated. In time, new healthy capillaries will regenerate, cell nutrition will resume, and the appearance of the skin greatly improves.

  • Effectively treats skin imperfections such as spider veins, angiomas and skin tags.
  • Fast treatment time and no down time.
  • Imperfections, spider veins and other vascular lesions instantly disappear,
  • Minimal discomfort in comparison to other treatments.
  • No bruising, scarring or hyper-pigmentation post treatment.
  • Ability to successfully treat sensitive areas like the face, nose, ankles and knees.
  • Proven procedure that is minimally invasive with high degree of safety.

The Safety

During treatment, the probe simply touches the skin surface, following the dilated capillary. Vascular blemishes disappear on contact. Most other conditions are successfully treated in one or two sessions, with minimal skin reaction.

How Does The Vasculyse Work?

Vasculyse2G thermocoagulation is a product of recent innovations in the field of electronics. It produces perfectly targeted ‘heat energy’ resulting in a thermal lesion. Heat is generated in the capillary vessels resulting in the instant disappearance of blemishes without any risk of lesion to the epidermis. After treatment tiny temporary scabs may appear. You no longer need to ‘live with’ unsightly and unpleasant skin conditions. Vasculyse2G will free you from these appearance-spoiling conditions. Move freely and confidently, without the self-consciousness that blemishes can bring. Look better and feel better about yourself!

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