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Dermamode introduces to our clients peels. These 20 to 30 minute Glycol, Lactic, Salicylic or RSL Peels performed in our clinic will enhance your daily skin care program. Peel procedures consisting of cosmeceutical and physical exfoliation remove superficial dead cells and debris that create dullness, uneven texture, bacteria formation, and in turn, some acne conditions. These treatments activate cell renewal, encourage collagen production and prepare the skin to receive active ingredients, nutrients and antioxidants, leaving the skin looking vibrant, with improved clarify and vitality. Peels are non-invasive and require no recovery time. SPF must be used daily and makeup may be applied following the peel.

Lactic Peel

This gentle but effective Lactic Acid Peel is specifically designed for Sensitive/Dry Skin. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed, vitally clean but lightly exfoliated without irritation.

For more information on peels feel free to contact us at anytime.

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