Not how to look younger but how to age gracefully: A guide to healthy skin at any age.

How to look younger than one’s age? Each generation has its own priorities for nutrition, fitness, aesthetics and beauty care regimens. We can’t turn back time but we can be happy in the skin that our age has given us. As we start to age our skin changes and we’ll have to adapt our skin care regiment.

The goal is not to change our appearance but to help our skin age with grace by taking extra good care of it!

20's 30's and 40's

In your 20’s:

Adulthood starts at this age and as it does, the body begins slows down. Your skin will still produce a good amount of sebum (oil) and will have a healthy cell turnover of about every 28 days. Breakouts may still be an issue, and you might start seeing a few fine lines.

At this age, especially if you have acne prone‑skin, you’re probably dealing with post blemish inflammations and maybe some scarring, not to mention pesky pimples that keep popping up here and there. There are many treatments we offer such as Glycolic/ Lactic Peels, Salicylic Peels, Vbeam (PDL Laser) and Laser Therapy Facials that work in the deeper layers of  the skin to prevent acne breakouts from happening and maintain the overall appearance of your skin’s health!

Retinol is ideal for twenty-somethings. Some of the benefits of retinol is that it treats and controls acne, fades blemish scars, slows down aging, treats blackheads and whiteheads, unclogs clogged pores, repairs and replaces old skin tissue, and increases moisture.

“It’s never too early to start using retinol!”  In fact, everyone should start around the age of 25 in order to avoid those small wrinkles and keep that younger looking skin we take for granted in our twenties.


In your 30’s:
You’re young, you’re beautiful, you’re in the best years of your life, but…if there’s ever a time to kick up your anti-aging regimen a notch, it’s now; the more you do now, the less you’ll have to correct later on. Step up exfoliation to resurface as skin renewal slows and starts to feed skin with age-fighting ingredients! Watch for acne triggered by stress, and hyperpigmentation (age or sun spots).

P.S. we know that your 20’s was full of sun exposure but start getting serious about protecting your skin from sun damage. Sun exposure is the number 1 factor for pre-mature aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, uneven skin tone and more.  Invest in hats and a good spf that you can apply every 2 hours if needed.

Once you have your sun protection routine down, the next step is stimulating collagen production. As your skin starts to loose collagen production abilities and starts to slowly loose it’s elasticity, your skin will be asking you for age targeted treatments and products. Treatments such as the Resolve Fractional Laser is what you want to be doing at this age. This treatment is more aggressive then a peel or microdermabrasion (which are also great to keep doing) but will little downtime. So just ideal for those in their 30s! Oh and yes, you’ll love the results.

If you’re noticing your pores look more obvious than they did before, well, that’s not a coincidence. Pores get larger during this age because the skin around each pore is not as firm and collagen-rich. Why is that? Well, firm skin supports pores, which makes pores appear smaller, while looser, inelastic skin makes pores appear larger.  Therefore, stimulating collagen production and keeping that skin firm will keep your skin looking young. We recommend a combination of our Microdermabrasions treatments, Salicylic Peels, and Laser Treatments.  The combination of treatments will tackle all these concerns and will help you maintain your results.

If you wanted to start preventing wrinkles add Dysport injections every 3-4 months and your youthful look is complet. Prevent wrinkles and fine lines, stimulate collagen and elastin production in order to slow down the aging process!

Treatments for spider veins, skin tags and ruby points will probably also be needed at this age and especially for new moms. New moms go through a lot of hormonal changes mainly due to pregnancy. We can treat pigmentation on your body as well as on your face. Laser hair removal treatments are great for those new hair growths. Let’s not forget Cellulite and skin tightening treatments with the Velashape III that can help any mom get her body back.

In your 40’s:

In your 40’s, your moisture-trapping molecules in the dermis start to diminish, and skin is predisposed to dehydration and loss of volume. Wrinkles, age spots and uneven skin tone also become more prominent as cell turnover and collagen production slow down.

Hormonal changes trigger dryness and sensitization, or even rosacea. It’s important to keep your skin exfoliated and moisturized. We recommend a Microdermabrasion Treatment to eliminate all the dead, dry skin cells; followed by a Glycolic/Lactic Acid Peel to help alleviate any redness and give you a youthful glow! We also recommend stronger treatments such as Fractional Laser treatments,Photo facials and Co2 treatments as needed. These treatments will give you a deeper more agressive result, treating all kinds of skin aging attributes such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, collagen production, loos and saggy skin, overall skin tone and texture and leave you with feeling like you are in your 30s again.

50's and 60's

As you transition into your 50’s, the skin’s barrier function weakens, making skin dry and unable to retain enough hydration on its own to then accelerate in your 60’s as a more dramatic aging process. In your 50’s, the skin tends to be drier with an increase in wrinkles. You’ll notice your pores and age spots are more visible, and menopause can lead to dryness and sensitization. The key here is hydration, hydration, hydration!

This is the age where you can no longer hide your 20’s and 30’s, where all the habits of your youth will start to show up on your skin. Laser treatments such as Fractional Laser treatments and photo facials should now be a part of your regular skin care regiment. Chemical peels or Microdermabrasions are a great go to in order to maintain great results and a youthful appearance. We can either do a full facial resurfacing or a more targeted treatment for such concerns as tightening, age or sun spots, wrinkles and fine lines, as well as overall skin texture and appearance.

These treatments combined with injectables such as Restylane dermal fillers to help with any loss of volume will get you the best results in restoring that youthful plumpness.

Loose skin is what will most likely be more apparent or of concern at this age and all of these treatments can be done on your neck , décolleté and even hands. Those areas tend to show our age but they also seem to be the areas that are forgotten the most.

At all ages, it’s all about what you are willing to do and what results you would like to achieve. But remember, don’t over do it, a subtle natural rejuvenated look is what you want to aim for.

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