Clear Back Bundle

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Salicylic peels are idea when combatting body acne, get one treatment and combine it wit two at home care products that packed with the right ingredients to help maintain a clear back.



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  • $93.00

    Very high factor sun protection with UVB 131 and UVA 67 colour indicated for skin with pigmentation imperfections. A depigmenting ingredient helps regulate melanin synthesis by reinforcing the preventative anti spot action. A coloured texture that provides a natural tone and softens imperfections, unifying even the skin tone. Water resistant.

  • $119.00

    Soothing and recovering balm that rebalances and restores comfort levels in skin after external aggressions (sunlight, waxing, shaving, friction…) or other medical/aesthetic treatments (peelings, laser…) that can cause sensitive skin, discomfort and/or redness. Reduces skin sensitivity and strengthens the skin’s defences. Re-balances the skin barrier, providing comfort, elasticity and smooth skin.

Clear Back Bundle

Original price was: $298.00.Current price is: $199.00.
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