Cosmelan® depigmenting method


Depigmentation treatment.

Cosmelan® is a professional depigmenting method that fully removes the most severe and resistant hyperpigmentation with maximum efficacy and safety. It is indicated for the attenuation or eradication of pigmentation imperfections located on the face. It also enhances skin brightness and unifies the tone, helping to improve skin beauty.

In-clinic treatment as well as at home care program. The Dermamelan Pack includes:

  • Cosemelan 1 intensive depigmenting face mask.  (In Clinic Treatment | Initial mask)
  • Oil Removing Solution (In Clinic Treatment | Cleans and exfoliates the skin initially)
  • Cosemelan 2 ( At home depigmenting cream that intensifies the results)
  • Melan Recovery
  • Melan 130+ Pigment Control


Treatment protocol: in consultation phase, the treatment’s in-consultation phase has an intensive depigmentation effect that focuses on accelerating cellular renewal and eliminating melanin deposits that accumulate in the skin. It consists in applying two professional synergistic masks. The patient removes the product when at home after the time indicated by the professional. The treatment provides no discomfort and is perfectly compatible with normal life in subsequent days.

At home phase, this phase begins 48/72h after removing the masks. The home guidelines provide a continuous depigmentation action, progressively moderating spots during the treatment. It also has a long-term regulating effect inside the melanocyte, reducing melanin synthesis and acting on the origin of hyperpigmentation to control the spots’ reappearance.

Home guidelines: Apply the cosmelan treatment twice a day followed by melan recovery and mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control during daytime applications.

Your Dermamode specialist will guide you through the whole process.

Active Ingredients : narigenin chalcone

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Cosmelan® depigmenting method

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