The sun is aging you! (And how to prevent it!)

Summer has finally arrived! It is now the season of picnics in the park, while we take in as much sunlight as possible to hopefully get that summer glow. But we would advise you to be cautious while taking in some of those sun rays, as they can actually have a negative impact on your skin. Let’s see why:

The sun is one of the biggest players in our skin’s aging. Both UVA and UVB rays damage the deeper layers of the skin, creating long-lasting side effects. Though you may not see the negative impact right away, YaleMedecine explains that years down the line, you will notice many signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, and a rough, unsightly texture to the skin. This is what we call photoaging.


Photoaging is a phenomenon which distinguishes itself from normal aging, due to its cause and premature quality. The DNA and collagen damage caused by UV rays creates a look of older and uneven skin that loses its elasticity. And we haven’t even touched on the potential cancers that arise from unprotected sun exposure. 

Everyone can be a victim of the damages caused by UV rays, which do not discriminate between light skin tones or darker skin tones. So no matter your skin colour or how nicely your skin tans, preventative measures are a must in your daily skin routine!

Aging Gracefully

Though we cannot stop aging, we can definitely slow it down. Graceful aging is the goal here. One of the first and most important steps is going to be the daily use and reapplication of sunscreen. Now, in 2022, we are very lucky to have an array of sunscreen choices, allowing us to choose between chemical sunscreen or mineral (AKA physical) sunscreens. 

Mineral sunscreens use zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as a filter, which create a protective layer on top of the skin to reflect off UV rays. This type of sunscreen is believed to be coral reef safe and its use is approved during pregnancy. But buyer beware. Some mineral sunscreens are known leaving an unsightly white or purple film on top of the skin. This is why we recommend Physical Fusion UV Defence SPF 50 by Skin Ceuticals or Triple Protection SPF 30 by Vivier, who both sufficiently protect against those nasty rays, while give a beautiful glow to the skin. 

As for chemical sunscreens, the formulation is designed to penetrate the skin so the ingredients may absorb the UV rays. This is type of sunscreen is known to suit all skin colours, as it does not leave a film on the skin. However it must be applied 30 minutes before exposure, as the ingredients must take effect. For chemical sunscreens we recommend the Daily Protection SPF 30 by Biophora, for a lit from within glow. 

Preventing your skin photoaging will always be the best graceful aging treatment. With continued use, you will notice a healthy glow to your skin, which will be able to maintain its youthfulness for years to come. So, save yourself from irreversible damage, shop for your summer sunscreen now, on the Dermamode online boutique!

If you are already showing signs of photoaging, don’t fret, Dermamode has options for you! With the many advanced treatments, such as peels, fractional laser, photofacials, and many more, they can help reverse some sign of sun damage. Take an appointment now for your free consultation!


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