Vampire facials will have you looking young forever!

Some may feel reluctant to try the vampire facial when seeing the bloody process, while others may be bitten by the curiosity bug. However we are here to tell you: You must try this facial!

The PRP (Platelet rich Plasma) facial treatment, known as the vampire facial, is a natural treatment used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent further signs of aging. Though you may think its popular name was given purely for its anti-aging proprieties, the name also refers to the blood extraction required to get the platelet-rich plasma, which is used as a serum that is applied on the treated skin. Due to the high dose of growth factors, protein and nutrients found in the plasma, the skin goes through an intense rejuvenation, improving elasticity, volume and texture. This treatment is ideal for all those who wish to stimulate collagen production, for a glowing and youthful-looking skin, and is one of the only treatments which can be performed on the eye area and the lips!

The fountain of youth.

This treatment is renowned for its optimal results, with some of its recipients stating that it is even better than a face-lift! (Without all that downtime.) Its regenerative proprieties will have your entourage thinking you’ve finally found the fountain of youth.

Already in love with Microneedling? Try PRP!

If you are also a lover of Microneedling treatments, you need to try PRP. At Dermamode, you may combine microneedling with PRP, creating the most effective treatment you could get. Just ask for more information on your next visit to the clinic!

Not just for the skin!

PRP therapy is not only known for its skin rejuvenating qualities, it is also the best hair loss treatment offered! When combining hair mesotherapy treatments with PRP, Dermamode’s clients notice a significant improvement in their hair growth, allowing them to feel more confident than ever. So go ahead, get an appointment at Montreal’s best hair loss treatment clinic!

Don’t wait to try PRP!

Don’t wait till it’s too late! PRP therapy is already taking the medical aesthetics world by storm, and will soon become a must-have treatment in Montreal. 

Still unsure? Contact the Dermamode team for more information or read more about how Microneedling works.